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Contest: L'influenza della tecnologia nelle nostre vite (How technology impacts our lives)
Year: 2020
Award: Shortlisted

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Virtual distance is a psychological and emotional sense of detachment that accumulates little by little, at the sub-conscious or unconscious level, as people trade-off time interacting with each other for time spent “screen skating” (swiping, swishing, pinching, tapping, and so on).
It changes the way people feel – about each other, about themselves,  and about how they fit into the world around them.

If two adults spend the night texting over dinner they are likely to feel emotionally disconnected. However, they can get over it because older people have the ability to look at themselves from afar and make changes to improve their lives.

Kids, on the other hand, have less experience with the world. And many children in technologically advanced societies have grown up with smartphones, tablets and other forms of digital technology within arms reach. If they grow up with virtual distance as the norm, they might not know that interactions can be different, or how.